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23/09/2014 Radio Amateur, Nige G7CNF, has found Ofcom are lying about Solar PV being fixed installations.

24/01/14 Radio Amateur, Nige G7CNF, has published a letter on his blog from a professional in the EMC industry. They, and the EMCIA, are seriously disappointed with the UK's and EU's approach to EMC enforcement and their willingness to sit back and allow junk electronics to flood the market all so business can make quick money.

20/01/2014 News has reached us from Australia with a report from their equivalent of Ofcom, the ACMA. Their Radiofrequency interference complaints 2012-13 report, table 3, shows PLT is becoming a major problem for interference. HF radio is very important for such a large continent, so this must be of great concern.

28/11/2013 Internet Service Provider, Zen Internet, has today called upon the Government to get tough on the causes of Repetitive Electric Impulse Noise (REIN), which references a type of electrical interference that can disrupt the performance and stability of consumer broadband services (e.g. ADSL and FTTC lines). Read the full story over at ISPreview. Ironically, this is Ofcom's job - one which they are not bothering to do!

20/11/2013 A victory for common sense: Norway has banned the sale of two PLT devices, citing a failure to pass the standardised test EN55022:2010 and CISPR22:2008; and this is despite Norway not being part of the EU. The banned devices are: TP-LINK TL-PA511 (via Google Translate) and Netgear XAVB5004 (via Google Translate).

19/11/2013 Our friends at have a nice video demonstrating LED lighting in Australia taking out the signal to the television.

05/11/2013 Radio Amateur, Matt M0LMK, shares his experiences of tracking a strange interference noise on his blog. He learned that when UKQRM recommend a power-down of your home, we mean everything!

31/10/2013 The owner of Perfect Cuts Salon in a San Antonio, Texas, could be facing fines of $16,000 per day from the FCC for failing to replace a faulty fluorescent light. Read the full story on FierceWirelessTech website.

Ofcom, read and learn:

26/10/2013 * SECURITY WARNING * We hate to be the one to say "We told you so!", but when we countered the claims of the PLT industry and demonstrated the ability to link two houses with PLT devices, people scoffed and stated it was a fake. We were correct and people are now finding their PLT devices are connecting to any other device they can hear - and that means they can and will connect to the PLT units in a neighbouring house. You can read of people's experiences on these forums:,5992.0.html

UKQRM Security Tips: As with the war-driving Wi-Fi days, you could be held legally responsible for material that has been downloaded via your Internet connection, even if you did not download it. The most secure network is a wired network using Cat5E or Cat6 connections between your router and your computers. PLT should be avoided like the plague, and Wi-Fi should always be secured with WPA/WPA2 encryption and a long complex pass-phrase. And remember, your traffic can still be "slurped" if you fail to use a secure connection to your email/social networking sites. Always make use of the https:// connections to ensure your passwords are not sent in the clear!

21/10/2013 A sad day for radiocommunications: On October 9th, 2013, the CENELEC Technical Board (BT) ratified FprEN 50561-1:2012. It has been asked of the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC) to offer the standard to the European Commission (EC) for citation in the Official Journal (OJEU) under the EMC Directive and R&TTE Directive. If this grotesque excuse for a standard makes it to the OJEU, you can kiss goodbye to your radios ever working again!

27/09/2013 A document has reached us which details Ofcom's stance on measuring interference for Radio Amateurs and Shortwave Radio Listeners. Thanks to poor writing, we are unable to ascertain the correct date for this document, or if the approach is still in effect; but it does demonstrate the lengths our public regulator will go to in order to avoid helping people with interference issues. Download and read: Initial_assessment_of_complaints_of_interference_to_amateur_radio.pdf PDF

25/09/2013 Radio Amateur, John Petters, is trying to find out Ofcom's methodology with respect to determining the level of received interference at amateur radio stations.

13/09/2013 Forum users over at thinkbroadand are wondering why their ADSL speed drops when they use their LED lighting. Our lighting page might help answer their questions.

24/08/2013 Radio Amateur, Nige Coleman, would like to know why Ofcom can close an interference investigation case without actually investigating. Follow his External link Freedom of Information request to find out more.

31/05/2013 A Norwegian couple have been told to get rid of their plasma televisions due to the levels of interference they cause. Read the story (via Google Translate).

18/05/2013 We are pleased to add a new page to our website detailing your stories of radio interference; and to thank Shortwave radio listener, Mike German, for being the first to detail his experiences with a radio-noisy plasma television from Panasonic. If you have a story of interference cures, or cases where the national regulator has left offending devices in-situ, please email us and we will feature your story.

20/04/2013 Panasonic have announced they have ceased R&D on future plamsa panels, preferring instead to concentrate on OLED. External link Full story.

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